Choose security level

It is possible for you to configure the security level for your connection. This option is available under the tab Security level from SGS Home panel.

Security levels

Security levels apply different rules to your connection which decide what type of service is allowed to pass through your Internet connection, and it can be viewed as a simple firewall. The purpose of this service is to protect your computer against malicious software. It also enables advanced users to open up their connection to be able to run services on their connection. Note that security levels only provide basic protection, and it is strongly advised to install security updates, use anti-virus software, install a firewall and choose strong passwords.

The available security levels are OPEN, NORMAL and PROTECTED.


This security level is for advanced users that want to access services on their connection from the Internet. All ports are open, it is therefore important that you protect your computer with an anti-virus software and firewall. OPEN security setting are available as long as your connection doesn't cause any problem for others. This option can be permanent suspended if mishandled.


This security level provides basic protection for your computer. It filters the most common ports used in spread of virus and spam. This is the default security level for all connections and what we recommend to use.


All ports coming from your connection are allowed to pass through. All ports going to your connections are filtered. This security level is recommended for computers that are unprotected. Your computer cannot be reached from outside and won't be able to spread spam or junk mail. This in term can cause problem to run certain applications, therefore our recommendation is to use NORMAL security level.

You can see the exact ports that are open or closed under SGS Home.

If your connection cause problems

Internet is fantastic and can be used in many positive ways. Unfortunately, there is a negative side with virus, spam and trojans. Certain computer operating systems is more affected than others and demands up-to-dated virusprograms that always scan and clean your system to prevent from being infected.

Every connections have a snort-detector that search for virus and spreading of spam mail. If your connection or computer are spreading spam mail and viruses it will lead the connection to be put into QUARANTINE. Which means that the connection to Internet will be closed. However, you can choose to temporarily access the Internet for updating current virus definition and operating system. It is important that the virus is removed before you reactivate the connection to an ordinary security level. If you have not removed the virus from your computer, the detector will once again put your connection into QUARANTINE.

It is unfortunalty common that unfamiliar users get a virus once or a couple of times. If that happens to your computer then do not select OPEN as security level. We will disable the option to choose OPEN security level if your connection and computer often cause problems. This will also be the consequence if you breaking any of the rules that apply for the connection.

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