Who may rent?

Exchange students at University of Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg provides housing for most of their Erasmus students, se information at https://ugot.sgsstudentbostader.se

Exchange students who cannot obtain housing through University of Gothenburg may apply at SGS Studentbostäder.

Exchange students at Chalmers University

Chalmers University of Technology guarantees housing for some of their Master students, see information at https://cis.sgsstudentbostader.se

Other categories of students at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology

We are a student housing company. Because of this, you have to meet certain criteria to apply for housing and rent an apartment from us. Make sure to read this section in its entirety before applying for the housing list.

Current queue time

Single room with shared kitchen
1,5 year
Apartement outside the city center  2 - 3 years
Apartement in the city center area 4 -5 years



You are eligible to register in the housing queue:

  • from the year you turn 17 if you are planning to study in Gothenburg at Gothenburg University or Chalmers University of Technology. Rental agreement can be signed from the age of 18.
  • if you are studying at University of Gothenburg or Chalmers University of Technology (no distance education).
  • if you are a doctoral candidate and your individual study or research schedule amounts to a level of activity of at least 50 %.

Citizens of countries outside Schengen (European union) must submit photocopies of their passports and residence permits when applying.

When moving into your student dwelling, you must show your letter of admission or other proof of enrolment along with valid identification papers.

You may move in earliest in December if your studies begin in January and you may move in earliest in June if your studies begin during August/September.

You may rent from us as long as you are actively studying and complete at least 15 university points each term, according to the university regulations regarding the credit point system.

We regularly check university results to make sure that our tenants meet the criteria for continued renting.

The tenancy is limited to a period of 6 years. This means that you can stay with SGS Studentbostäder for a maximum of 6 years. Extension can be granted for doctoral studies for a maximum of 4 years. The time for granted excemption from study results or subleasing is included, except for
exemptions from study requirement granted for full-time work at the student union.

What´s the queue time?

Single room, shared kitchen
1,5 years
Apartment outside the center
2-3 years
Apartment in the center
4 -5 years

If you are not accepted for a course.

If you are not accepted for a course in Göteborg, you are allowed to leave your apartment with a week's written notice as soon as the term begins. Send a written notice (PDF) along with a photocopy of your letter of admission. This only applies to newly signed rental agreements, and is not applicable if you are already renting from us.