Riksdalersgatan 8A


We are letting out a four-bedroom apartment to students in a cohousing apartment house with 59 apartments. The house is under construction and will ready April 1 2020. The total size of the apartment reserved for students is 107 square meters. The bedrooms are from 6.8 m2 to 14.2 m2. You will rent your own bedroom, and kitchen, living room, bathrooms and balcony will be shared with the other three students. Bedrooms will not be furnished, but the rest of the apartment will be furnished. Internet is included, but electricity will be charged for separately. Living in this house you will be part of the cohousing run by the association UnderSammaTak ("Under the same roof"). You have to become a member of the association to be a tenant. Membership fee for 2020 is 300 SEK. It will be a diverse group of people living in the house with people of all ages (from 3 - 80 years). In the house there is a common kitchen and dining room. We plan to serve dinner three days a week and all tenants must participate in cooking dinner three to four weeks a year. There will also be some other chores that the tenants of the house will be managing together. Besides kitchen and dining room there is a common living room, roof terraces and other common facilities. Good public transportations to the city center and Chalmers from the nearby tram stop at Axel Dahlströms torg. For more information check out our web page (in Swedish) www.undersammatak.org

Apartment/room type Shared apartment
Furnished Yes
Size (m2) Total 107 m2, bedrooms 6.8-14.2 m2
Own entrance No
Rent/month 3621-4728 SEK
Own or shared WC/Shower Shared
Rented out from (yyyy-mm-dd)
Cooking facility Yes
I/we are open to renting out to exchange students
Other information
Before being approved for booking a room in this apartment you will meet persons from the board of UnderSammaTak for an interview. Who may rent? You must be studying at least 50% of full time at an education that lasts one semester (4-5 months) or more. Three months after finishing your education the contract must be ended. Notification must be given three months before leaving.
Contact person
Kerstin Harringer