Gamla Särövägen 95


Hi, We are a couple who have some extra bedrooms in our nice house. We would like to rent to a international students mostly (or employed). No pets. You will have access to kitchen, living room, sauna, patio. The bathroom is shared. There is a busstop right outside that goes directly to Marklandsgatan. Close to the beach, forrest and public indoor pool. One can share a room (2 friends or a couple in one room), or have a smaller room themselves. We look forward to hear from you.

Apartment/room type Villa
Furnished Yes
Size (m2) At least 10
Own entrance No
Rent/month Depends 4000kr-6000kr
Own or shared WC/Shower Own
Rented out from (yyyy-mm-dd) 2020-02-01
Cooking facility Yes
I/we are open to renting out to exchange students
Other information
There are four bedrooms (2 doubles and 2 single) that will be available from the beginning of February 2020, or March 2020.
Contact person
Rosa Anali Guzman