Dr Allards gata


Two rooms (17 and 11 sqm) in an apartment centraly located in Gothenburg are rented out with good public transport, close to the grocery store, library, restaurant etc. The rent for the larger room is 6300 swedish crowns and for the smaller one 5000. The rooms are fully furnished to a high standard. The fee includes heating, water, electricity and internet. They are on the second floor, where there is also a small hall, walking closet and a bathroom with washmashin. I am living in the first floor and what we have in common is a fully equipped kitchen and dishwasher.

Apartment/room type Rum
Furnished Yes
Size (m2) 11 och 17
Own entrance No
Rent/month 5000 och 6300
Own or shared WC/Shower Shared
Rented out from (yyyy-mm-dd)
Cooking facility Yes
I/we are open to renting out to exchange students
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