Several Internet sockets

We have installed several Internet sockets the apartments on Lindholmsallén and Guldhedstornet to make it easier to connect multiple devices such as IP telephony and game consoles. In all of our apartments above, the sockets are extended to corresponding socket in the media locker in your apartment (marked with a number). The media locker can be found in the hall or wardrobe.

There are different types of media lockers installed on Lindholmsallén and Guldhedstornet. More specific instructions are avaliable inside of the media locker. Down below you will find examples of how to connect your internet connection depending on which services you will use.

Connect directly to Internet

The most common option is to connect a socket in your apartment directly to the Internet by connecting the corresponding socket in the media locker to the internet.

Connection of IP telephony

Connect a broadband router