The flats are furnished with IKEA furniture. Deviations might occur.

Apartments 2 rooms and kitchen


1  Sultan complete
(bed covers and bed mattress

Bookshelf 2 lower or 1 high (older version)
Desk 1
Pedestal 1
Desk chair 1
Kitchen table
Kitchen chairs 2 IKEA
Lamps 2 floor lamps
  1 desk lamp with foot
Sofa 1 IKEA
Armchair 1 IKEA
Sofa table 1 IKEA

Apartments 3 rooms and kitchen
Same as above but with one extra bed

Check that everything on the list is in your flat.

Textiles, e.g. curtains and shower curtains are not included in the furnishings, nor are blinds (besides on Dr Sydows gata where they are included) , light bulbs or kitchenware.