Information from Com Hem, TV channels

Tuesday, December 10 at 1 p.m. At 23.59, the TV4 channels and C More will most likely be removed from Com Hem's offer. The reason is that TV4, owned by Telia, unfortunately did not want to enter into a negotiation of Com Hem's new agreement. Com Home will try to get a negotiation started, but right now everything is pointing to the fact that they will be forced to shut down the channels at midnight night until Wednesday. Com Home deeply regrets this, and has a great understanding that it will hit you as a resident

Information about the TV4 channels and C More

The agreement between Com Hem and TV4's owner Telia, which regulates the TV4 channels and C More has expired, and therefore Com Hem has replaced these channels with other offerings so far.

Of course, Com Hem's highest priority is to continue to reach an agreement with Telia as soon as possible.

Com Hem is in charge of the negotiations with Telia, and nothing that we property owners can currently influence. We await an agreement between Com Hem and Telia.

For those of you who have purchased individual digital TV subscriptions, you will receive emails and sms regarding remuneration channels or other compensation.